Photography Services

BodenMedia provides high calibre multimedia services, from 360 degree HDR virtual tours, still photography, elevated and aerial photography using our fleet of photographic drones up to altitudes of 200 meters. With over 9 years professional experience developing photographic systems and virtual tour content, our attention to detail and technical proficiency produces results that are truly superior.

Image Processing

This example of our image enhancement technique is used for all our photographic services, in this case multiple exposures were taken, two flash slave units were used to help enhance the light in the lower exposed images, this dramatically improves the final result by reducing dark window/door frames in the lower exposures range. We also process our images using HDR technology if required. Virtual tours are always processed using HDR methods and further enhanced with overlays if necessary.

Our services have taken us around the globe, most recently we documented a major property development in Dubai, shooting a 10 hour time lapse sequence, stills and a short video, other location include France, Florida, Namibia and much of Southern Africa.