Elevated mast photography

Sometimes in life it’s best to see things from a different perspective. Elevated Photography makes that possible. We can capture a bird’s eye view without the cost of the bird (i.e. aircraft).

Our 10 meter photographic mast system is light weight and portable, this enables us to set the mast up in almost any location. We are able to mount a range of different cameras to the top of the system, from DSLR’s to HD video camera systems. Pan and Tilt are remotely controlled and the images are viewed via a 2.4 ghz video down link. the system can be controlled and monitored up to 100 meters away if necessary.

This system is available form BodenMedia – Check out www.bodenmedia.com for more information.

Below is a typical ground based view of a building. The Elevated version of the same location clearly demonstrates the enormous advantage of our system.